Come Together

Rhodes Memorial must be one of the most beautiful memorials in the world. Built from public donations by people who valued an incredible human spirit who in 49 years achieved so much and gave away everything in order to strive for world peace, education and enlightenment.

The Memorial in it entire design is like a theatre, it needs to work as a complete entity for Herbert Bakers genius to shine. In this respect we need to protect the statues and grounds.

The Monument attracts many people who visit the monument for peace, reflection and the view, very few realise who CJ Rhodes was, and what he did. In summer months up to 6 00 people visit the Monument from all walks of life. The Monument gives many a sense that we as human being can achieve great things and do so much.

In this light its disappointing that the National Parks do little to maintain and promote the Monument. There have been times were weeds grow, the lights are off at night, security is slack. This unfortunate current episode of silly vandals cutting off Rhodes head highlights the SANParks slackness of not doing a thing as a political tactic, than doing their job of replacing Rhodes head.

Rhodes as an individual did more for Cape Town that any other person, he should at least be credited and enjoyed by all Capetonians.

As a Friend of Rhodes Memorial one looks past the current political government and corruption to preserving the Monument for another 100 years.

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